Corporate Governance

Group NRW Values

Group NRW is a family owned business. We follow a professional form of governance; at the same time keeping our traditions intact.

Loyalty & Commitment

Virtues such as trust, loyalty & commitment, honesty & respect for one another, are values treasured at Group NRW. Adhering to these values and following ethical practices in business form the foundation of our organization.

We are committed to be the competitive edge of our customers with each and every activity of ours focused towards this end. Our marine insurance policy and our ERP package are such two paradigms that have been designed keeping the customers benefits in mind.

For our employees we offer an environment where they can excel themselves. We focus on building team work and customers focuses and take our employees to the next level through various training programmes.

Group NRW Code of Conduct

Honesty and Integrity

Group NRW follows a high level of honesty and integrity in all their dealings with their customers and stakeholders. We ensure maximum transparency to the satisfaction of consumers and other stakeholders. We follow a policy of never using media to mislead consumers. We would never misuse an advantageous market position to the detriment of consumers.

Maintaining a positive atmosphere at work

Work is Worship. A positive atmosphere is maintained in office premises that employees feel enlivened to come to office. While maintaining a professional outlook in day to day dealings, it is seen that employees are offered every comfort and convenience to enhance their job function.

Law abiding

Group NRW follows the laws of the land where we conduct our business and we expect the same from all those who are associated with us.

Adhering to Anti-corruption principles

We do not believe either in taking bribes or giving bribes and expect our stakeholders to also adhere to these principles.

Road Safety and Protection of economic wealth

Group NRW respects human lives, values its employees, and invests in innovative technologies and solutions towards the improvement of road safety and protection of economic wealth. We follow a high level of road safety by training our drivers in safe and defensive driving. Our fleet (vehicles) is regularly maintained and only those found worthy of road travel are retained.